Increased Scraping

I had an interesting experience at the track this weekend. Kart has been mainly the same setup wise at this tracks the past 3 outings. The past 2 the chassis protectors were slightly scuffed but nothing to worrying. Then after this weekend I see that there is some major major chassis scraping. Any ideas to what may have caused this or a potential fix?

Thats alot of scraping, Like alot… something is wrong.

Looks like something is sagging. Check for cracked welds.

I agree it looks like mainly the front left is sagging and coming down not seeing any cracks right now. Possible a wacky bend or too wild to be a bend?

Silly question, but do you have a flat tire?


Looks like there’s an extra large cheese grater on the track somewhere.

No flat but someone in our field got one from the bus stop feature they added this week.


Thinking that cheese grater was the bus stop feature like I said above. No kerbage just asphalt then a small drop to grass

TKA should not tear up the bottom of the kart like that. Were you dropping tires regularly in the bus stop? If so, you may just be paying the price. If not, there is definitely something wrong with the kart. Was the kart handling normally?

That could be it, later in the day I was getting slightly sloppy and trying to catch another pack leading to me taking a lot of curb and dropping a tire. Kart was hands long the same nearly everywhere else on track as before that day.

any chance the cassette’s loosened up enough that the axle moved up, frame moved down?

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Frame moving down at the axle cassette would push the nose up, it’s the nose that’s scraping.

Check your Kingping bearings for play. I have seen them shatter a number of times with no damage to king pins, frame or spindles.


Yes, Ron is right. Thats a good check. You can actually increase scraping by just widening the front end too. If you wide, it “sags” more in the middle and scrapes more. Dont ask me how I know…

Took apart the spindle on both sides the kingpin was loose allowing play up and down with my hand…. Has a culprit possibly been found?

Sounds bad, time to get that corrected.