Inexpensive karting suits?

I’m shopping for a new suit for my son. he had a second hand suit for his first 2 seasons racing, but we’re having no luck finding another second hand suit in his size now. I’m anticipating needing to buy new , but don’t want to break the bank on a suit he’ll probably only get 1 or at most 2 seasons out of. Any good suggestions on affordable suits? I’ve seen the K1 and Racequip suits aren’t too badly priced.

With my boy I would just Google"sale" and find whatever popped up that way. He got stuck with a funky Simpson Flame suit since it was 50% off. Basically, same as shopping for clothes online.

The k1 suits are fine and popular and priced similar to the Pakistani knock-off suits.

I mean if you want the cheapest kart suit possible, then use a pair of jeans and a leather jacket :joy:

But if you want an actual suit, just search online like “cheap kart suits” or a similar search and you will probably find some. Just gotta search a bit :+1:

Speedway motors has some closeout Alpinestars for sub $100. Not going to beat that price for that quality