Information on Using a 2 Stroke Chassis for Both LO206 and X30/ROK

I’m planning on eventually racing X30 and LO206 with the same chassis.

I found a rear axle on this site with both inboard and outboard drive. If I built it onto my 2 stroke chassis would I be able to race both LO206 and X30/ROK? Could I just leave the axle alone and race both X30 and LO206 on outboard drive or would that affect on performance in LO206? What else would I need to do to make sure I could run both classes?

The only way ( but one) to run the 206 with an ’ outboard ’ axle sprocket is to shift the engine far enough to the right for the clutch sprocket (left hand side of 206) to line up with the outboard axle sprocket.
That’s a long way to the right!
You could turn the 206 round so that the clutch sprocket is outboard but without modification to the drive line the kart will only go backwards.
If this is not acceptable, the modification is not that difficult. Think about it.?

Just use the axle with an inboard and outboard keyway and leave the inboard sprocket carrier on it all the time. Keep it simple.


This is how my practice chassis is setup.

Most shifter kart axles have both inboard and outboard keyways. Generally it’s a good practice to use the same manufacturer of axle for your kart.

How often are you planning switching between classes?

Not too often, I was thinking about first half of the year I’d race LO206 since they have a Spring/Summer series there and then switch the LO206 to X30/ROK from July to December for the regional series. Also, how exactly do you set up inboard drive and how do you set up outboard drive?

You pull the axle and move the sprocket carrier. inboard the sprocket carrier is in between the axle bearing carriers and the brake rotor. Out board the carrier is between the axle bearing carriers and the rear wheel.

Almost all axles now have the keyway for both inboard and outboard.

So all I have to do is change where the axle bearing carriers are? Sounds simple enough. Is there anything else I’m missing?

no, you move the sprocket carrier. from the one side of the bearings to the other. Or you buy a second sprocket carrier and leave them both on.

Oh so move the sprocket carrier in between the axle bearing carriers and brake rotor to race inboard and move the sprocket carrier in the between the axle bearing carriers and rear wheel?

outboard for the 2 stroke

Inboard for the 4 stroke

Ah makes much much more sense. I’m a visual person lol so it works better for me when I see it. So it can be done then awesome

Yep, The FK kart I run started its life as a 2 stroke, then lived as a 206 for a while and now I run a KA100 on it.

Yeah I want to race X30/ROK but the regional series has 8 races but only for 4 weekends, so I wanted to race like 6 races for LO206 as well since it wouldn’t add much cost. Is there anything else I need to do besides switching the sprocket carrier location?

Depending on the drive gear on your LO206 clutch, you may have to run a different chain (#35) compared to X30 (#219). The #35 is a heavier duty chain for higher torque engines and will not stretch as much/quickly. They are mainly used in shifter and 4 stroke for this reason. You can run #219 in 4 stroke, but the chain and sprockets may wear out faster. Otherwise, you will have to have two sets of sprockets and chains to switch between them. X30 does not offer a #35 chain setup.

Yeah I remember seeing that both karts would need different chains. Are there any parts that I’m missing that I would need to interchange X30/ROK and LO206 besides the sprocket carrier location?

And also, I’m going a bit on a tangent, I know that the X30/ROK and LO206 are both momentum based karts, but what are the main differences between driving an X30 kart and a LO206 kart?