Inside wheel lift with low grip tires

This is my first year racing so I’m still learning about chassis setup. I have a 30mm tony kart with an LO206 on Evinco Blues. Because it’s the only kart I’ve ever driven I don’t really have a good idea on how it should feel. I think I’m not getting enough wheel lift because on the exit of corners bogs down and doesn’t start accelerating till I’m going straight again. I have a type HH axle (I’m pretty sure that’s one of the stiffest you can get), medium ride height in the back, medium setting for caster, the front torsion bar is in the stiff position, loose side pods and a tight rear bumper. Is losing speed in the exit of a corner normal for a 206 or should it roll through it better? What can I adjust to get more lift? I know that messing with the rear track width can help with this but I don’t know what I can use to measure it. It looks like it’s slightly on the wider side but I don’t know. Thanks.

You measure by running a tape measure through the center of the axle. Line up the dummy end with the outside of the tire and read the smart end off the other tire edge.

Not bad, for the ultimately accurate method, but just measuring the tread width, outside edge to outside edge, will get you bye for now. How wide is the rear tread width?
Do you have any idea of what you’re scaling at, front to rear, side to side?
Do you have a tack? What is it reading coming out of that corner? On the stand, hold the brake and floor it, what does the tack read then?
Put a bathroom scale between your karts front end and a strong wall. With you in the kart, start it up, warm it up, floor it! Taking only 2 or 3 seconds, record the RPM and the scale reading. Cool everything down, adjust the clutch to engage at a higher, or lower, reading and try again, same thing. The RPM where you get the highest reading on the scale is what you’re looking for. Trust me, this works.
Actually, there are so many things that could be causing that bog, it’s difficult to cover them all. Tread width could be the cause, but it can also be the engine heating up and going lean, in which case you need a bigger low-speed jet! There’s also a lot of rules and regulations. Can you change the spark plug? Can you change the timing? Can you change the jetting? That bog, meaning the clutch is holding the engine below peak HP, may be overcome with some innovation, if allowed.
With more information I could be more helpful.

Welcome @Connorlyon10

Do you have any video?

It’s not unusual for the lower powered karts kart to feel a little sluggish during track-out but of course you want to tune to keep that to a minimum.

You’re on the right track (pun intended) and far as keeping that inside wheel unloaded as you exit.

Something to keep in mind is that having a lot of Caster or rake dialed in will cause the kart to dump the inside wheel sooner and with more ferocity. It’ll be dynomite on entry though.

If you don’t have seat stays in, I recommend adding a set to help use the weight of your torso to keep the inside unloaded a little longer.

As you can imagine, there are quite a few things you can try. I’d suggest you make a list and head to the track to test one thing at a time.

Rear track width
Front camber (less negative camber can help keep the inside rear up)
Front toe
Seat position (height and f/R position)
Rim width

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If the kart is binding on mid corner and off, a click of positive camber, and (definitely) loosening the rear bumper could really help.

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