Inspecting used engine - is this sand on top of the piston?

I’ve opened up quite a few two strokes but I’ve never seen this before (see photo). I feel like it’s pretty straightforward - looks like sand, feels like sand, but I’d like to make sure that someone else might not tell me that this isn’t sand but somehow a ‘normal’ side effect of carbon deposits which can happen under certain specific conditions before I go back to the seller.

Sure looks like sand. Obviously the bigger issue that stems from this would be how much is in the bottom end :flushed:

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Shakes engine vigorously to see if it makes maracas noise.

Right. To me this is a no go barring a full top and bottom rebuild. Not really what I signed up for. Hopefully I can work something out with the person who I bought it from. To be fair to them it was sealed so they didn’t really have a way of knowing.

Oh, man - this guy is a G. He’s already said that he’d make it right. Guess it pays to buy off reputable people.

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Yeah it would need a replacement of all bearings and seals, so effectively a full rebuild. I’d ensure everything, including rod kit, is replaced before purchasing, if you trust this person to have it done right. Or just get a price reduction so you can take it direct to a builder you trust.

He runs a race team and has several other engines he can swap it with. He said I can have my choice and we can peek at it this time. Given it was sealed and he was so fast to help, I’m not too bent at this point. :blush: