Installing rudder pedal/relocation kit for a cadet kart?

I bought a used FA cadet kart, but the pedals don’t quite fit my son, even with an extender. I’m looking into pedal relocation kits, but there’s very little info online about it. Which one should I buy? For reference, the pedal area looks identical to this: link.

There is a $179 “universal kit” that looks like it might mount to the center rail, but I don’t see what it would screw into: link. The OTK one looks similar but twice the price.

There is a $179 Noonan relocator kit that looks like it mounts to the floorpan, so that should definitely work: link?

There is a $95 bracket that looks like it would move the pedals ~4 inches back: link. It seems really expensive for a small bracket, but I like that it’s “simple” with minimal fuss. But is it sturdy enough? The way it looks, stomping the brakes would torque the bracket back and the driver flies into a wall.

My questions are:

  1. Which of these should I buy, and why (or something else)?
  2. What other parts do I need to install this? Presumably a shorter brake pedal rod? How much shorter, etc?

Thanks for any help!

I would suggest the Noonan or the $95 Wildkart brackets. The first two are designed to mount to holes in the lower steering shaft support (triangular piece welded to front hoop). OTK uses a stamped plate rather than two tubes. If you try to mount either, there could be a chance the pedals would slide forward on the tubes, but I have no personal experience with any of them. From the pics, it looks like the less expensive brackets from Wildkart bolt up front to the old pedal points and to the floor pan at the back. That should keep them in place with one horizontal and one vertical mounting point (no twisting or rotating under load).

In the reference picture you link for FA kart you can see round tubes used as the bottom steering support. Look at the FA kart in the link for the Noonan setup and you can see the newer stamped design with mounting holes that Greg references. If you have the tubes then that universal kit will NOT work. If you have the newer design then the universal setup is the preferred option and s cheaper version of the OTK system.

I’d recommend the Noonan box as it’s truly universal for any kart. The downside is you have to drill the floor anytime you want to move it so you won’t be making fine adjustments. The reason I like it better than the relocation brackets is that it raises your kids feet up and if you just use the brackets they could likely have their legs interfere with the steering tie rods.

These are both merits for the Noonan setup. Additionally the Noonan Setup provides Heel Cups that will keep their feet from bouncing around as much and help prevent them from resting on the pedals when not being applied. The brackets do not account for this and a separate heel stop would have to be added.

Thanks everyone, I’ll probably go with the Noonan setup. WildKart brackets + heel cups probably ends up at a similar cost anyways.

My last question is on whether I need any other parts for install. I’m guessing I need a new brake rod, but not sure whether I need metric/imperial, what length, and whether I need one with a double bend? Do I need any other cables or can that all be reused? (I plan to keep the original rod/etc as is so I can restore it once my son grows taller)

You will have to measure the new distance and buy one close to that. I do believe TopKart is Metric. If its like OTK it will be an M6 x 1.0 rod. If you cannot find one through the normal karting sites, you can try this place:
You can reuse the brake safety cable, just tape up the excess.

I found this when I was looking for replacement solid tie-rod shafts for my daughter’s Kid Kart.

The pedal kit should come with hardware.

McMaster Carr is also a good source for metric rod. Buy, cut to the size needed, and use a bench vise for any bends necessary.

PKT makes a kit that will bolt to your floorpan. That is what you will want. The noonan kit is nice but not as universal as the PKT kit.

For future searcher’s reference:

  • You can buy a brake rod that is all-threaded, so you don’t have to be too precise (just cut to size). PKT sells one with the clevis included for this purpose.
  • Harbor freight sells a rod bender (link) for less than $10, if you have neither a vise nor a bench, like myself.

Still debating which one to get. Going to see if I can eek out a few inches by shifting the seat up.

Moving the seat for fitment is not a great way to go. The seat goes where it goes based on handling, Not entirely critical on a kid kart, but if yo move it too far forward you could get outside of your handling window and make the kart too loose.

It is good practice to bring the controls to the driver. The PKT pedals will work for you for sure.

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