Installing Springs on Hilliard Clutches

OK I’m having a bit of a moment here. Wondering what the best way is to install the springs on a Hilliard Flame? It’s not covered in the manual.

Tried prying them open with a pliers and that did not work very well.

Might be that I just need to put a bit more force but before I do that, I want to make sure there isn’t a technique that I’m missing.

Snap ring pliers. Use the sides of the pliers not the tips.:+1:


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I’ve got a pretty good technique dialed in with stubby nose pliers, but it’s hard to describe without pictures. Definitely going to try my snap ring pliers next time though.

With normal pliers, I grab near one side of the spring opening and wedge the other side in place first then twist so that opens the gap and then press down.

We were stumped, too. Then we looked around the shop and came up with the snap ring pliers method as described above and it worked great!

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Buy once- Cry once ( I got mine for $35)


Thanks folks. Yep looks like a channel lock (used judiciously) works well. The one I had was not strong enough to open the spring without flexing :smiley:

Also, mind was blown when I saw a reversible one at the track yesterday ha.

Yeah the one I have is reversible, works great on Hilliard clutch springs.

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Thats the exact same set I bought to do my springs with. Made my life 1000x easier.

Snap ring pliers, don’t use the tips, sometimes need two hand for new black springs, yellows and whites are one handers.
I also have a pretty beefy flat tip screw driver that I put in the gap and then turn 90 so the flat is across the gap. My son does it this was because he isn’t strong enough to do the blacks with the small snap ring pliers we have in the travel bag.