Installing TM R1 need pic

Hey everyone.

I’m putting together a Charles Leclerc/Birel ART shifter kart and I need some help.

Could someone post pics of the fuel line routing as well as the clutch cable, throttle cable, temp sensor cable, shift linkage and anything else that I would need.

I just wanna make sure I get all the hoses and cables mounted correctly.

Thanks you

Will send some tonight. Keep in mind every kart on a KZ platform will have same routing, nothing really changes.

Shift linkage there is really no recipe other than: knob needs to end up at about 2 fingers width distance from steering wheel. 90 degree bend between lever/linkage and linkage/j arm. Of course depending on seat size you may have to bend it around.

Engine usually 2 fingers width distance from tensioner is a good starting point, set with the most common gearing you’ll be using, so you can move forward or backwards as needed. For everything else, see pictures in a bit

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Not an R1 but same.thing

Shifter lever at 90 degree angle. Select a mounting point that puts the knob at about 2 fingers width from steering wheel

Fuel lines
One line goes from tank to mini filter to inlet side of pump
Then 2 outlets into a Y that makes it into one. That goes into another Y, one into the carb (in my picture via a filter/canister), one is the return line that goes back to the tank. If you have the other pump, it’s slightly different

If you have a 2 spigot tank, you need to add a 3rd as a vent line

Clutch and accelerator cable

EGT and water


Hope it helps! (20 char)

Thank you very much for the pictures, very helpful.

My fuel tank has only two spigots . One is for the vent hose and the other for the main hose.

How do I go about adding a third?

Does the carbs need there own vent lines added?

I’m running a Mikuni fuel pump that has one inlet and two outlets.


You could get a gas cap with hose attachment for the return :smile:

Or add a nipple to the tank

What Lucas said…I used one of these

Of course, make sure you drill where you can reach it…

Then the Ys, two of these, just be careful of proper orientation of the one going to the carb

You have the same pump I have, so plumbing is the same.
Carb needs its own vent, with smaller tube 3x6 you can find anywhere. Then you cut a bit on top or, if you really want to show off, you can buy one of these

Hey what do you run for the shift J arm? It looks like you have an extension between the rose joint and j arm.

I’m finding mine sits way to close to the chain

Hi Blair,

Im running prettymuch the same setup as you, drop me a dm with your email or whatsapp and I will send on some pictures.

You’ve got it backwards. The conical recess should be on the stator side, with the bolt pointing towards the clutch side. The nut end of the bolt will pass through the little notched area of the motor mount.

You can also tee the vent into the return hose and avoid drilling an extra hole in your gas cap or tank.

I like to put the fuel filter between the pump and the last tee before the carburetor. That way you get a constant fuel pressure at the carb inlet.