Instant throttle

I would like to ask you guys if you know what causes my kart to be wide on throttle the moment I touch the pedal. It is a rental kart, but every other rental I drove did not act like this (I think I drove like 5-8 different karts, but first time this year to try this kart number). Could you explain to me what this is, what could cause this and could I potentially know this before I sit in a kart, as I really liked this and it helped me lower my laptimes.

Don’t really know what is causing it on that particular kart. Bent linkage maybe.

On rentals with low HP & brakes that cancel throttle, some just use brakes with full throttle, so that WOT or partial throttle has less delay.

So, Mike… In your experience, would a fleet of same model/make kart have one flyer? Pavle feels like this one is weirdly fast. Also, the throttle thing where there’s almost no play, coincidental or maybe set up that way on purpose?

The throttle linkage could have recently been adjusted to be perfect, while others could have play in them. With any engine there is a chance of an outlier that makes more torque/power. Just the nature of engines.

Could the brake cable tension make it such that there’s very little “play” between 0 and 100% throttle?

And, does it matter? With the way these make power, there doesn’t seem to be a time when the back onto throttle isn’t WOT? It’s just a matter of timing it as the power comes slowly.

Dom, yes.
Kinda of hard to say “over the phone”.
I am guessing it could be a governor, clutch or something else. Even something like a different seat or seat position or Different front in setup?? But is sounds mainly straight line speed. Different weather all of a sudden? Different hole in the linkage?
Last race I was in we did the new fleet. They were not as even as I had hoped. The mechanic told me he had not got to go over them like he wanted to. Also the lower numbered ones had been driven on the A&D side so they were broken in. All in all they were better than the old fleet and less difference from kart to kart.
Now on the old fleet there were many variances.
Any time I am leaving a corner faster/gaining on another driver and then they pull me later in the straight I say it has to be kart. In the old fleet all the regular rental guys knew what karts were the faster ones. In one race everyone that got a certain kart was last. One guy Chet & I were pretty close most of the time, but sometimes I’d dust him or he’d just smoke me. So it was the kart. I’d say Chet would have the edge on me currently in equal karts. To his credit he is one of the drivers I totally trust to the point where if he hit me I would know it was totally unavoidable. I respect him to the point that I told him if any corner is questionable as to whether it is his or mine, it was his since he is ahead in the points.

One problem in general with rentals is the disparity. That is good in a couple of ways. It makes you adapt and see what does & does not work. One aspect is you don’t have to load it on a trailer and bring it home and figure out why it doesn’t work. Down side is you can’t fix theirs. I had a seat loosen in an endurance race but since I had a seat strut break on my own kart I understand stuff happens.

That’s rental league though it got it’s good and bad side.


@Mike_Clark Belated response to an excellent post. Thanks Mike.