Interested in a Go-Kart Race Track in East Texas?

Hello everyone!

A little context for this question, is I am part of a school research team at LeTourneau University. My team and I have created a survey to if there would be interest in building a go-kart racetrack in the East Texas area. We would appreciate any feedback your community can give us!

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This seems more oriented towards rental karting open to the public?

@KartingIsLife Not 100% sure what the school/student organization plans are for the track. I think they are still in the figuring it out to know what to pursue stage.

Letourneau has a long history of on campus karting events where students run a mix of home built and purpose built race karts. The tradition was recently revived and they are holding a sprint event and an endurance event on the campus streets.

My wife is on staff with the conference and events group, so the karting gets coordinated through her office. We have donated some tires, old 206, and OTK stuff to the program and have helped with some chassis tuning recommendations for a team. My son got drive in the endurance race for one of the teams last year. He was their ringer…:rofl:

I think some of the students are also chasing some dirt karting this season.

@Mirabella, completed the survey. My feedback will be skewed as I am heavily involved in my son’s racing. Level of spend and time commit expectations for us are much higher than what most would be willing to do.