Interesting chassis design - Extreme Narrow Waist

Saw this kart on Reddit today. Any idea what chassis this is?

Kardashian Kart. Thin in the waist, wide in the rear…

In all seriousness no idea but an interesting concept. I wonder how well how well it flexes


Interesting how the pipe fits inside the pod area.

Looks like a birel torsion, but that didn’t have a front bar.


Shawn O’Hara deserves some sort of badge for that response, just sayin. Where is the humor badge, rofl.


Red Baron/Dream Kart built by CRG


Good find!

I think this design would work if it had bars that ran in parrellel to the thin waist and could be slid in and out to modify the waist and adjust torsional rigidity.

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Trackkart did something similar to that with their A frame design not that long ago. Torsion bars from the main rails to the spindle C’s.

Hard to find a good pic. I’ll go to the garage tomorrow and take one.


Thats not what i mean but the TrackKart was certainly an interesting design.

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Benton made a kart similar to that in the late 90s, turning the torsion bars adjusted the stiffness

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Anyone remember the Maranello Kart that has the boxy waist and two front crossbars stacked on top of one another? That thing was maybe around in 2011?

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That would be the RS8

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The track kart had the lightest front end I’ve ever experienced in a kart. The entire kart was a featherweight also. I remember scaling it with a 206 with no lead, and I think empty on fuel at like 330lbs. I weighed about 175lbs at the time. You really had to calm and slow your hands when you got in the track kart as it was so reactive. Fast out of the box.

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I remember seeing this design and thinking it looked crazy, but Jeremy is a super smart dude and a very talented fabricator.

I was a development driver for him back in 2014 when the brand was Ultimate Karts. It was a fun opportunity, though both of us eventually got tired of getting punted by 15 year olds in Tag (see radiator below for evidence…)

Shoutout to @tjkoyen for designing Jeremy’s livery!


Awesome to see so many Jeremy/Trackkart connections. We still have a few around. They won the 206 championship the last 3 years in a row at Whiteland Raceway Park. Any other cool designs/karts still out there running?

I’m a sucker for unique/different stuff. Absolutely love people doing things differently.


Tkart did an article/countdown of weird chassis. The number one kart was by a crg designer that used 50mm and 28mm tubes. There was a single 50mm tube through the waist.

Use a throwaway email and sign up for the 24 hour trial it’s a good read.

SVB kart

Only concern for me is theres no way to adjust torsional stiffness from what I can see which would make me think it has a narrow operating window.

That being said, didnt it win a race for 90s karts last year at Angerville in France.

That’s a super clean kart and nice color combo. I like the way it looks with the frame like that.

Alan probably knows more about it then i do. But i believe that design came from someone fresh out of university who’d never seen a kart and was just given the rules and a set of deliverables.

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I never knew the backstory, if that;s true that’s cool.

It got a pole or two iirc. Never seemed to race that well. I don’t think there was anything particularly wrong with it. It was always going to struggle in a market that is heavily bias toward homogeneity.