Intrepid Silverstone on YDS tires

I share the same beliefs with running engine offset and a clutch outboard. In the past I did it because I had no choice with limited founds. Today, I have have the ability to make BETTER choices.

Ironically, part of this project revolves around a potential trade of an Ivander chassis of mine for the Kohler engine. The Invader (98ish model) is well suited to fit the task, and an even trade for the engine build. The Invader, myself and the engine builder have a history tying back to our Tecumseh Motorsports days.

Funny, as I’m typing this I’m also directing myself in making the BETTER choice.
Sell the Intrepid!

QPT has a new mount that might work for you. Jim at Faster Motors stocks them I believe. You might be able to bring the chassis over to his shop and mock it up.

I’m assuming you aren’t too far from Jim though.

Nope, not far at all. I’ve known Jim for years, back from the Karting Kettle days. I should ring him up, even if I scrap the plan for the Intrepid . Been awhile since we talked.

Well that settles it, I’ll be running my Invader chassis instead. SMC got back to me about clutch sizes. The two disc is 3" in length from the crank chamfer, three disc is 3.180". both are 4" in dia. They can be run outboard, but if done, neither of the two sprocket would be directly supported by the crank. Add the engine offset needed, it’s just not my best option.

The Invader is much better chassis for the tires anyway, just need to fork out coin for the engine rather than a trade.