Intro to the group

Hello my name is Scott.I have a friend who has 1 kart that does 150mhp and one that does 165 he is why I came to this group.this guy is a race car mechanic.and he is getting VERRY close to looseing his house and I’m trying to help him and his girlfiend.this guy is the best mechanic I’ve ever seen.he has three kart and an extra frame,motors exhostpipes tires a 24 foot trailer built with every thing u need in I hope the group is ok with this message.and he lost just about half a leg in a karting accident. He would be an asset to this group.

Are you trying to recommend his services as a mechanic? Are you trying to sell his stuff for him?

Not sure how we can help if you don’t clarify what we can do for him.

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Sucks that he’s about to lose his house, but I’m not clear on what the goal is either. If it’s a classified post then I think details and pricing would help.

Maybe the name of the person?

Details on this 165mph kart please.

That will be comming soon.this guy has entered the group.thank you all for letting me enter/crash yr group.this was not intended. Scott

Scott it’s not a private group. We’re all here for Karting :+1: