Ionic edge chassis

Anyone on here race an ionic edge chassis? I have some questions about set up.

We ran one for many years. Issue with tuning and advice is that they change a lot from year to year and kart to kart as they are made.

What year do you have, what axle and what spindles?

I’ll help out how I can. Jeff Scott still runs them and has been on the newest designs. He can be found on FB and would be a good resource also.


I raced an ionic edge. My best tuning was replacing it with an OTK :smiley: Legitimately was almost a second faster on a chassis that actually had some math as part of the design. If you can’t tell, I have zero good things to say about Ionic.

In all seriousness, I know a few people that have them and it seems like the they ran the kart super narrow in the front and the back, but like Don said, they have changed a lot from year to year. Softer axles seem to work better, with wide rear wheels.

Thanks for the advice