iRacing Kartpulse team?

Morning folks :slight_smile:

So I’ve noted quite a few of us in other threads talking about iRacing. I drive under Pesakrompir livery, mostly in Skippys - only started couple of months ago.

Quite happy to kick off a Kartpulse team if anyone’s interested - for team races like Nurburgring, Le Mans and VRS Endurance series. I’m fairly competent making liveries in Illustrator, I can do us a Kartpulse livery no hassle.

Shoot me your iRacing name on here, I’ll add you up (Richard Jacques)


I’d rather it be silver than grey, I’ll try to figure that out lol

I’d love a livery for skippy. Dominique Callan.

Sketch me some ideas, I’ll make one and put it in trading paints public domain

Apologies, I saw the paint above and thought that you had already done it.

Actually I think I did :face_with_monocle:

admin approved :wink: I want to see some screenshots of some cars soon.


Actually come to think of it I’m pretty sure I did, iMac is busy updating I’ll check the skins folder when it’s done n fire up iRacing. Just about got it set up again, just gotta get an extra long usb extension to run the wheel to the Mac then I’m good

This just makes me want to buy a pc and a wheel just for a KP livery. Im trying to save up for a car, dont tempt me like this

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Looks great! Do we have a KartPulse iRacing league?

I can relate with that, the struggles of being a college student: should I buy a real car or a sim car? :thinking:

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Yeah but Covid really jacked everything up price wise. Makes it even harder for Elias or anyone else hoping to get into sim. Hopefully normalized eventually and the used market becomes sane again.


We don’t, I’m happy to create one though, and a Kartpulse team for team events, enduros etc

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Done :white_check_mark:

Crazy busy weekend fixin planes and diving for nets. Quiet day at the coalface today tho lol.

So I have a Kartpulse League and Team, just do a search in both tabs you’ll find them. Ping a join request.

Any volunteer to be an admin that side of the pond?


Sure but I have no idea what Im getting into.

That’s fine. Me either hahaha, watching YT how to lol. I’m just thinking about the time differences, i may end up not being available for a race session for example, will be easier if there’s an admin that side too.

It seems also I can nominate any league member to be duty admin for any specific sessions, which is pretty cool

I’ll start with a skippy season, inaugural race will be Spa for 10 laps.

I’m thinking to make each race an hour - 15 mins practice, 15 quali, 30 race.

Thoughts? Preferred day/time?

30 race is gonna be mentally tough, how about 20-25?

Yeap can do. 20-25 minutes, depending on length of track. Spa well kick off at 8 laps which should be around 22-24 minutes


Just joined! What timezone are most ppl in? Perhaps having a EST and a PST races would help with the schedule.

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Forgive my noob ness but if there is something I need to sign up for, let me know.