Iracing Melons 24h Racing

Round two on the Melon 24h. We have a Miata spot in iRacing Melons 24h race as Team KartPulse. Please let me know if you are interested and wanna join us. We will race for fun, so everyone is welcome.

We currently have @Bert_Nash, @zipty842, me and maybe @Bimodal_Rocket on the team right now. I think @Richard_Jacques will get us a special livery to race too!

Race info:
Okayama Circuit (Full Course)
24h, June 18th 2022, 7am EDT, 8am CDT , 5am PDT race start
Global Mazda MX5
Volkswagen Jetta

Minimum iRating 1000
Minimum Safety Rating D4.0+

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Also, we’re trying to do a team practice June 5 to coordinate and strategize for the race.

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