Iracing setup help

im pretty new to sim racing and im wondering if anyone can explain to me the basics of setup on iracing for cars like the skip barber gt3s, and miatas.

Olivier, the iRacing forums are a great place for this type of information. For example, at the top of the Skip Barber forum they have a new driver guide, setup guide, etc.

Also, each week they post information about the track, including target lap times, fuel requirements, basic and advanced setup files, etc. e.g.

There is a forum for each car type, and most provide similar information.

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thank you i will check it out.

You gonna try some of the open stuff?

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ya i wana learn setup because next week ill start runing the open c class stuff

Ooh. Good luck and share what you learn!

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i will, what cars do you currently run?

I ran usf2000 but nothing currently. I have not done any setups in iracing. It seems highly complex.

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Maybe have a look at this.

If you want a crazy car to drive & setup, give the Lotus 79 F1 car a whirl. Not a lot of people race it, but there is a small dedicated group. They have a lot of info (and setup files) on their forum, and the community has also created a discord page (the link is on the forum).

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