Ironman Endurance - Pitstop strategy tips?

So I’m doing an Endurance race next week at Al Forsan (Abu Dhabi) - 60 minutes, two pitstops.

Wondering about most effective strategy - I’m thinking first stop immediately after lap 1 and second stop midway - thoughts?

Driver change or fueling done during? If there’s no driver change or fueling I’d get both stops done early. Just try not to go a lap down. Then, if there’s ever a yellow, most will pit during and you’ll get cycled to the front.

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Sounds like a plan. Just a kart swap stop - I’ll do stop 1 immediately then run 20 mins clear hopefully while everyone’s scrapping early on. 40 minute final stint.

7pm start, should be around 40 C / 60% humidity :hot_face: :muscle:t3:

Helmet cams are banned unfortunately, no chance to video it.

I think the 6hr I am doing at ovrp has mandated stops.

For sure. We have a 4hr coming up also, from 2200-0200, that one will be fun lol

Well that was an awesome race. Ended up as one mandatory stop within a set 10 minute window at 20 minutes in.

First stint was battling like crazy with a Russian dude, lighter than me. He was really holding me up in the twisty sections but had the legs on the straights, eff all I could do.

Pit board comes out n everyone (EVERYONE!) filed into pit like lemmings. I stayed out just one lap n popped out P2 after the mandatory 3 minutes stop. Kept it consistent, finished P2.

My team coach was also driving he finished P1. He was super happy to see me P2 behind him, fastest lap only half a second slower than his.

I’ve decided heart rate monitors are bad for you :rofl::rofl:


What about refueling? What plans have you made for that?

Dang! 192?
Nice finish buddy!!

Congrats! Sounds like a great race.

No fueling. The four hour team race next month we’ll need to think about that.