Is bodywork universal?

Sorry for the noob question, my son just finished his first season of racing, and I’m making a list of what I need over the off season. His side pods and driver panel are fine, but he needs a new front bumper and possibly rear bumper as well. His kart is a Birel with freeline bodywork, now I’m just a bit confused if I need to buy freeline bodywork, or can I buy other brands and save a few bucks? How do I tell what fits and what doesnt?

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Generally birel uses KG bodywork. Generally you’ll find the 505 nose or the FP7. If you have any swap meets near you in the off season you should be able to find a deal on old bodywork. One of the guys in my class picked up a couple noses for $30

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The fitting is pretty universal, however bodywork styles and shapes vary. From that perspective it depends how much you care about cosmetics.

After looking at the KG bodywork online, his stuff looks very similar to the KG Mk14 bodywork. I’ll price that stuff out, I know one of the Canadian based online kart shops wants like $200 Canadian for a Freeline nose cone.