Is "First Kart" still around?

I’m casually shopping for a newer chassis for my son to race Cadet class with. I spoke to an Intrepid dealer and he tells me he used to be a first kart dealer and has what is essentially a New Old Stock First kart cadet chassis that his grandson did a few practice days on, but has never been raced. I cant seem to find a website for First kart and want to make sure parts would still be available if I buy it.

I haven’t seen one in years.

that’s my concern. it’s a brand new chassis, I’m just worried parts support is all but gone if I were to need something specific for that chassis.

I think in 2011 it was brought into Birel, so Birel made the chassis and handled distributorship and there was a First Racing Kart team owned by the guy who used to make the karts.

So if its post 2011 it probably has Birel parts which should be available.

oh ok, if that’s the case, that’s not such a bad thing. Especially if all the bits on my son’s current Birel chassis would fit on the first chassis, I’d have them all for spares if I buy this First.

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Had a chat with the dealer. its new old stock from 2015, he was telling me Birel bought First kart but wouldn’t admit to them being the same karts and parts as Birel, but assured me he has loads of spare since he was the Canadian importer for First Kart. Could be a good deal, $1500 for a brand new rolling chassis.

Maybe just take a look at some photos of a similar aged Birel. If the stub axles are the same its likely all the same.

Well, it looks to be a done deal. I’ve got a buyer for my son’s Birel, and I texted the dealer to let him know I’ll be picking up the First.

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