Is GTD the equivalent to 206 . .

7 months later…

The LMP didn’t crash so I’m not sure what the critique is? He appears to see the battle happening and gives them a few car lengths.

The two Porsches tangle and the car behind them has to avoid and loses pace badly.

Just curious as this seemed to be an unnecessary risk. Was wondering if there was some reason he’d choose to expose himself to that risk, given that he’s not racing the gt cars.

LMP has to bail out left.

Dom just won the lottery and he and Nick are going LMP racing next season. :grin:

I think the guy was just in a tough position… can’t really just park the car. If you watch the straight leading into the chicane he kinda drafted up behind the battle somewhat, and then held station (didn’t close anymore). Also when they got to the braking zone he braked way early to generate an even larger gap to the cage match. All good, but they kicked up so much dirt/etc. he got hosed because even though he couldn’t see, he was in a good spot to get bye, BUT the guy in the blue Porsche didn’t hold the brakes and rolled right into his path; forcing him into the runoff.


Looked like we gave ample space to the battling cars and was able to avoid the wreck pretty easily. That’s what that run-off area is for. I didn’t see any other LMPs around so he probably didn’t lose any position off of it.

First, it would be one assumption to assume the two Porsches are going to wreck. You can’t really just lift and coast and leave a straight of gap in the assumption that will happen. I imagine leaving an even larger gap by lifting and riding around further behind would be an even bigger time loss than any that he had by taking the run-off. And then secondly it would be basically impossible to predict where, when, and how big the incident will be and leave gap accordingly.

Seems he played it as well as anyone could’ve. He rolled up on the battle, thought he might be able to overtake, realized they were scraping, backed off a bit, and then avoided it. :man_shrugging:


I think in this case, you kind of can. The two cars had been swapping places aggressively and using the car to push. Both make intentional and repeated contact (in a fair way) that could easily go wrong if someone has an unexpected input.

The LMP upon further inspection, did have another LMP about 10 lengths back. So yeah maybe that’s what made him feel like he needed to be on the rear of the guy ahead.

The statute of limitations applies, but this eluded me last time. Color me curious I guess.

I think that was a DPi, so I don’t think that was for position.

But yeah, I think he did a good enough job coming into the bus stop to give just enough room to keep from running into the wreck.

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