Is GTD the equivalent to 206 . .

IMSA Sports Car . . .

I’m convinced that racing GTD v. Prototype is the equivalent to a 206 being on a open track with shifter karts . . .


I need help on what we’re talking about here :joy:

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Very good analogy! GT-Daytona cars although are real purebred race cars, when compared to a Prototype, they may as well be Dog Heavy and Under Powered rolling Roadblocks.

However, if you look closer at the actual Racing taking place on track, the GT’s usually have more action than the DP’s do.

I still don’t get tired of watching a Porsche Carrera S turbo get is doors blown off by a DP while climbing a hill.

Nah, the 206 equivalent is MX5 cup.

GTD cars are legitimately quick. They just look slow in comparison to really fast race cars.

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I was at the the Road America race yesterday! Incredible by the way!

There were 2 GTD cars that were within a couple seconds of the LMP3 cars. The GTLM cars were faster than the LMP3 Cars. GTD had the most action. But I can see where that comment could come from. But I think Zach comment is more correct with MX5 compared to DPI cars. Granted they are not on track together. The GTD are legit race cars. Damn what an AWESOME WEEKEND CAMPING!! We got to see it all…and none of my friends care about racing so I have to let my excitement out here lol!!

Only problem—this gives me an itch my kart can’t scratch. But my wallet can’t scratch a Porsche either lol So kart racing it is for me! lol


IMSA Sports Car circuit. 3 classes of sports car occupying the track at the same time, involved in the same race, but scored individually by their class.

Image a 206 class, a 125cc class, and a 175cc shifter class all racing together at the same time. Its kind of a hoot to watch. Drivers not only have to race each other, but they have to negotiate slower and faster traffic.

Told you, I’m new to racing, so now I’m watching what ever I can find . . . Indy, F-1, Nascar, IMSA, whatever is on FS1/FS2.

KP has created a monster, now I watching all sorts of racing stuff I historically never paid attention too :rofl:

Welcome to the addiction!

Shifter speed differential would be to high in my opinion.

206, 100, 125.

On my home track 206 35 sec lap, 100 31.5, 125 30.7 or so. Practice days the running joke are that 4 strokes are rolling cones to navigate.

To put the speed of the cars into perspective, at Petit last year the pole lap times in qualifying were:

GTD 1:18.843; avg mph 115.977
GTLM 1:15.226; 121.553
LMP3 1:15.664; 120.849
LMP2 1:12.229; 126.597
DPI 1:08.678; 133.142

GS 1:25.922; 106.421
992 CUP 1:20.678; 113.339
MX5 1:35.390; 95.858