Is it good to leave a gokart in the trailer for 1 week?

Is it ok to leave it in the trailer at around 1 to 6 degres celcius at night. Isn’t it gonna damage the engine in any way or make oils and gasoline worse ?

That’s awful close to needing to dump water, but I leave my stuff out in the trailer in colder (with no water).

I wouldn’t worry too much about the oil and gasoline after a week, it’ll break down a little but should be fine. Definitely want to make sure and give it good shake to make sure the premix didn’t separate after sitting. Water and freezing is definitely more of a concern as Matt said, either drop the water and blow it out real good or put a heater in the trailer.

i Allways take out the water after i come home direct after the tests

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Don’t just drain the radiator. Get all the water out of the cylinder as well.

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I bloe the water out and spin the pupm How do i get it out of there