Is it possible to check production date MG tyres? barcode M12786686

Hi, can anyone tell me how to de- code this production date :slight_smile:

I would see if you could call MG,

they should keep pretty well documented serial number lists given that they compete in some pretty high stakes racing events.

Yeah i already send an email, no reply yet…

May I ask why it matters? That tire is used and any age info is basically useless compared to “used life” (heat cycles, wear, etc).

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I can buy these tyres from somebody i don’t know, so want to be sure that these tyres are not to old.

Unless you’re paying $1 a tire or you dont care about performance, they’re too old.

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the guy is a competition rider, he said only used for qualification a lap or 10. MG hards could last 100 to 200 laps i am told.

I need to pay 50 euro, there 200 euro new.

Good luck getting a response from MG direct on anything.

Yeah those Brazilians are not so helpful at the moment :wink: