Is my chassis bent?

Hello, I’m new to karting. I have a chassis with a rotax max currently installed. Per my measurements from the king pin to the rear axle the measurement was about 1/8 difference. From the king pin to the center of the steering shaft is the same. But when I sit in the kart you can clearly feel the steering wheel is more to the right, or seat to far left. Looking at it from behind you can clearly see it’s off. My question is it supposed to be like that? Offset for engine? I’ll be bringing it to a shop to check for straightness in a few weeks but wanted to know before hand.

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Normally karts are configured with the seat a little bit to the left, it will look offset and it’s completely normal, do you mean that the wheel is turned slightly right when you sit in it, as in the steering shaft or tie rods are bent? Could you post a picture maybe?

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Seats are typically offset to the left side of the chassis to help balance the weight of the engine and driver. As far as King Pin measures, check to make sure one side is not adjusted differently than the other. They have Pills (eccentric spacers) on top and on bottom of the king pin to adjust front end geometry. If one side is adjusted oppositely compared to the other, your lengths will be off.

Always best to have a shop take a look at it. Most can check the frame for straightness, tweak it if needed and make sure the seat is set up for your height and weight. They can also align the front end. This will all ensure the kart handles properly and you can focus on learning to drive.

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The steering wheel Is straight as are the wheels. It just scared me at first because I thought the chassis was bent bad. I can get used to the seat being offset but it’s going to drive my ocd crazy.

Haha I understand, it’s just the way they are designed. Glad it doesn’t sound to be bent.