Is my silver seal Briggs 206 Still legal and competitive?

I currently bought an old Briggs lo206 and did not know it had a silver seal until my son saw it and pointed it out. the engine has a new head and looks new got it for $500 runs and has good compression.

It is difficult to understand, so forgive me, but I think you are asking if silver seals are race legal. I just googled that question and the first hit gave me this: “Effective January 30, 2020 the only security seals that are deemed legal have either a single black tracer wire with a reflective hologram seal or a red/black tracer wire with an orange housing seal. The plain cable seals are no longer approved for competition.”

So there is your answer. I would consider talking to your race director / tech and ask them if there is any way you could run it. Perhaps if you started at the back every session or something like that. All in all, even if you can’t race it, at least you have a good practice engine!

Is it possible for a builder to bring it up to current regs?

If the wire on the silver seal has a black line in it, then it’s legal.

If it does not have a black line in the wire, then it’s not legal, but that doesn’t mean that your local track/club won’t let you race it, nor will it prevent you from pounding laps until the wheels come off.

Another thing to consider if it has either of the silver seals is that it could have a warlbro carb that might need to be checked against current tech.

There is no way to “convert” them, but like I said there’s still lots of value to get gotten from the $500 for you.

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Unfortunately, no. They have to be properly sealed by Briggs and by design, no other entity can seal them.

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Good point. From what I have heard, LO is in short supply and very challenging to get a motor for less than say 800 bucks.

Supply is back but for sure you’re still looking about 600-800 (or more) for a used 206 with all the required attachments such as mount, clutch etc.

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a week later we got a full race-ready lo206 orange seal that has been to Carlson Motorsports and clean like new and used in dirt oval racing then sat for 2 years on a shelf and used about 5 races on the Facebook marketplace for$ 300 9 hours drive.

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Hell yeah, you’ll get your value out of that!

Ok well you got a killer deal that offset your no so great (but not bad) other deal!

Can use the silver one for practice. Keep race engine fresher.

Maybe you can source a second chassis!

And so it begins… (RIP garage)

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