Is the Amsoil 4T "necessary" in an LO206?

I’m switching my boy from Honda to an LO206 for next season, might run one briggs race to finish off this season just to let him see how much of a difference it will be. I’ve been using Champion Brand Full synthetic 4t karting oil for a few years in the Honda, with amazing results. Oil changes look like brand new oil coming out, the engine internals look brand new when torn down between seasons, and the oil is almost half the price of the Amsoil stuff. Anyway of course all the Briggs guys tell me you HAVE to use the Amsoil product, but I’d like to hear from some real world users if they’ve had good luck with other oils in an LO206, and more importantly if they’ve had any issues with using other oils.

Like every internet discussion, you are going to get tons of different opinions.

We tell all of our customers, if your concerns are engine wear and price, then you just need to use any full synthetic karting oil and change it often. Also, DO NOT SWITCH OILS. Pick one and stick with it.

Some oils are better at other things due to their additive packages: rust prevention, carbon build up, etc, etc. But any full synthetic oil will work fine in a 206 and provide adequate engine protection.

We have torn down a ton of engines and have yet to see one fail due to “type of oil”. Many have failed due to “lack of oil” (dont forget to put it in :slight_smile: ).

My engine has a stripper in it because the oil always comes out glittering.

That being said on Data it keeps getting stronger…

I learned the Briggs rule book calls for Briggs 4T, which I wasn’t aware of when starting out. Generally I use the following, but for sponsored races I use just straight Briggs 4T to avoid issues in tech:

12 ounces of Briggs 4T
2 ounces of Rislone ZDDP (zinc)
2 ounces of Lucus Synethic Oil additive.

Briggs US and Canada LO206 rules only recommend 4T. But they do say No Additives.

4t is not a rule but a recommendation. Additives are against the rules though.

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We used to use 4T, now we’re using Motul 300V 0w-20 and 0w-15. So far so good.

Why did you switch from 4T?

Well, next year’s toy was picked up before I left the track yesterday!

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I use comets oil…20 char

Comet just changed the formula pretty drastically I need to test the new stuff.