Is the Atomica SLS Chassis any good?

Hi there,
I was looking at 206 karts for sale, and as i scrolled down the craigslist ads something catched my eye, Atomica. Me having never heard of the brand, i was interested. I started talking to the seller and he says that he raced the kart for about 5 races in regional 206 Leagues before going up to X30 but with another of the same chassis. After doing a little research, they are a very recent company being founded in 2017, focusing on the North American Karting market. Apparently being very high end, made in italy partly out of Magnesium and other exotic materials. I am looking to compete in a regional 206 series at PGP Motorsports Park in Washington State, and am wondering how this compares to say a Birel or Tony Chassis. I am planning to use this chassis for not only 206 but possibly bigger leagues such as 2 stroke racing where i can swap the engine and reposition the mounts.
Any Thoughts and/or other Recommendations?

It may well be a terrific kart but local support is important:

Whatever the field is on there is what I’d be looking at. Parts and service trackside.

I am certain someone here has specific knowledge of that kart, tho.

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Ok, so maintenance is the main concern I assume with this type of kart. It seems there are a lot of parts available from retailers online so that’s not an issue, but then comes the question of where those parts are located, shipping, etc. . The field is full of standard crgs, birels and itals and that is mostly what I have been looking at for sale. And so if i happen to use an Atomica chassis would i need to bring loads of spares since no one else on the field uses the same chassis?

My experience has been that stuff happens and you break things. Let’s say you have a wreck in open practice. You could get back out there if you could replace what needs replacing, quickly, maybe even make quali.

There’s guys who sell parts and provide wrenching services trackside. They carry parts for certain brands, mostly. It’s just more convenient to run what’s locally supported by whoever you are likely to use.

This is one perspective. However, others may have different thoughts.

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I believe @highSRT drove one. Maybe he has insight.

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It’s basically a parolin. I’ve raced with one in tag heavies for a couple of races in 2019 and I did wrap up the regional championship in it.

So the key things are you can get parts, but probably not labelled atomica as the guy who created the brand sold his business. The brand has continued but is now made by TB Kart which means the parts aren’t interchangeable.

I can’t comment on what it’d be like in lo206 but in tag it was fast but difficult to set up.

I don’t know where you are in you kart life journey. But I’d consider someone that can support you locally and given where you are I’d go for Huggler Racing.


I enjoyed mine. It was a rocket. Worked great for 206. Order all your parts from parolin racing. There are multiple places for karts. Feel free to shoot me a PM for any info as i am local to washington state.

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