Is this repairable?

My racer’s chassis seems to have cracked on the thing that hold on the seat on the left side. Is it repairable with some welding? Is it safe for a long term use? I wanna see your thought eventho my racer have a spare chassis.

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It is repairable. Find someone good with a Tig welder and they can fix you up.

Awesome. But it will not interfere with the chassis stiffness right?

No impact at all on chassis flex, unless it it broken!


Many karts crack here. Very common. Weld it and keep going.


For a more permanent repair you can add on a piece of flat steel to reinforce. If it’s just welded it will likely break again. So far I’ve had very good luck after reinforcement, even on karts with lots of lead on the seat.


Okay note taken. Will tell the welder to do this. Thanks for the heads up.

Success rate will be much much better if the repair is done using Tig instead of Mig welding process. Most of these chassis are low chrome steel and can be sensitive to temperature input. If that is an OTK Esprit, it definitely is.
Tig allows the welder control temperature better and reduces the potential for future cracking at the weld/base metal interface.