Is this spark plug fouled

I pulled the plug out of the engine and cranked it to check for a spark. it spark one time and never sparked again. does that mean it’s fouled or is that something else

It’s fouled alright but it could still spark. You can clean it by heating it with a torch. The ceramic is self-cleaning once it gets up to temp.

Do not use a wire brush to clean it

yeah that definitely explains it. i just bought a few more plugs. i was going to replace it anyways, but i’m trying to learn as much as i can about the mechanic side so i can self diagnose in the future. thank you for the help

could a fouled coil cause engine sputtering?

Yes, its a pretty typical symptom. On the other hand, the spluttering can also be the cause of the fouling. These engines don’t take kindly to being driven slowly.

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well when i got the kart it barely sparked to get started so i suspect that it was fouled to begin with. i was going about 50 while it sputtered then it slowly came to a stop and died

I’ve never heard this before…please explain.

Leaves metal particles all over the place. No bueno

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well i’m sorry to interrupt, but the brand new plug still is not sparking. changed the coil, spark plug cap, and spark plug. and i’m getting no spark. everything is plugged in

Have you checked the battery and disconnect the kill switch

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+1 to checking the kill switch.

They are known to go bad on the KA and cause the engine to cut out intermittently or not run at all. We stopped booking them up about two years ago.

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I charged the battery fully, disconnected the kill switch, and still nothing. no spark to the plug. only thing i can even think is one of the connections but they all look plugged in correctly. i’m losing hope

okay well i just sourced the problem. whenever i unplug the black cable clip it sparks perfectly.

what do i need to buy to fix this?

wanted to show this to you as well. as soon as i unplugged this it sparked and fired right up. do you know why this is?

Been awhile since I looked at the KA wiring harness, but I believe that plug is for the kill switch. That’s why when you unplug it the engine is able to fire. As others have said, just leave it unplugged. I have seen it kill some engines in the past.

Edit: Yea that’s the kill switch plug. I have a handful sitting in my garage.

so just zip tie the other end down and drive it like normal besides using the air box to kill it.

Correct. Take the little pig tail section #3, completely disconnect, and stash it somewhere (or toss it in the trash, my OCD won’t let me). Your kill switch has probably gone bad. No big deal, as you said just put your hand over the airbox to kill the engine.

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