Iso - lo206

Location: Northern California
Price: 2500-3500

Details: Would be my first kart purchase, only doing rentals and I’m hooked. Local track has a waiting list for used 206s

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@Norcal_Karters do you know anyone with a 206?

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Thanks @KartingIsLife and @Norcal_Karters

Meet a few people at PCT last weekend but none of them had anything for sell at the moment.

Briggs 206 Racers Marketplace

There are a few 206 FB groups, you might have better luck there. A lot of people will sell you a complete package, then you should be mostly set.

Facebook Marketplace or the FB Karting Buy/Sell groups have the best deals. You just have to have cash ready, and be able to move quickly. Only downside, you have to sell your soul to the devil and join FB.

If you localize your search to areas that have tracks, you’ll usually find more ads. But the good deals go quick, so you have to move just as quick. I’m into both my karts for $3,000 combined by doing it that way. Paid $1,400 of one, $1,600 for the other. Both LO206.

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Thank you! On a few of them but they are scooped up quick. I’ll keep my eyes on them though

LOL yes I joined a few of the FB groups haven’t seen to many 206 go up for sale recently. Thanks for the tip

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Might be best to assemble it from an engine and any old racing kart that has 5" between the cross rail and axle and working brakes?

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