ISO Mychron 5 2T (or Alfano Equivalent)

With the dyno datalogging taken care of, I need to start logging quality on-track data for my four stroke shifter project and I think it’s time to retire my trusty old Mychron 3 gold.

Figured I’d try my luck here to see if someone can help the cause and offer a deal on a 2T S setup, perhaps by way of sponsorship. Let me know what you have and what you’re thinking.

Here’s what the project started from, lot of changes made since then including simplifying the fuel system.

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I have no clue what that is but it looks mean. What are we admiring?

It’s a four stoke shifter engine. Intended to be easy to use with electric start, shifter lever, clutch lever, cooling and electrics in a single package.

Performance somewhere between KA and X30. Just enough to have fun banging gears, but not too much to need front brakes.

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Hmm. Sounds pretty fun. Not too much power but will feel savage with gears.

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