Isolation Fun - Name that Race Driver

So for a bit of fun, I’ll post a picture of a kart and driver who is now a racing driver. I’ll start easy. Once the answer is provided I’ll add another.

Prize is pride and honour amongst your karting brethren.

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Hopefully one of these is right :joy:

Button leading.
Not sure second.
Wheldon third.

  1. Yellow helmet. That’s gotta be Lewis.

James. :man_facepalming:


Winner winner @jfeder

Next is a little harder, but not much.

@KartingIsLife :see_no_evil:

3rd is Chris Rogers if that helps lol

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Is that you Nik? 20 char

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How old do you think I am!


I looked it up so I’m not gonna say, but good choice for this one :laughing:

TJ, you’ve raced against someone who raced against this driver before, and they beat him I think.

I saw the Rocket sticker and figured it was Button.

they ran aluminum wheels? When did magnesium rims become the norm?

I think mag wheels started to appear more often in the 90’s but for sure they were on some karts in the 80’s too. I wouldn’t be surprised if they appeared in road racing in the 70’s or before.

From what I recall cadets ran pretty hard tires, so that might be a reason to run alum back in the day.

I’m guessing this is 92 or 93, junior 100b which was a rapid junior reed class.

Clue, his helmet design changed significantly when he went international karting and pretty much kept that design for the rest of his f1 career.

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Raced against someone who raced against this driver…

What is this, 6 degrees of separation?!

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Is it Kevin Bacon? :smile:


LinkedIn for Karting :joy:

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Next clue, he’s an F1 World Champion.

Okay so THAT one is Button for sure.

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im gonna go with button. James said something about button having a rocket sticker