It gets old

(Dominic Salvato) #1

What’s to say…


(Dominic Salvato) #2

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(Dom Callan) #3

I love the f1 style steering wheels. Did you rebuild all of those? Very beautiful.

(Dominic Salvato) #4

I’ve restored and up graded each one of these karts…Have another Cates on it’s way now. I can’t explain why I purchased this Yamaha Kart other than it was here.

(Dom Callan) #5

Look forwards to seeing finished product. How long does it take and what do you do with them?

(Dominic Salvato) #6

They are winter projects. In the summer street rod time.

(Dominic Salvato) #7

(Dom Callan) #8

Are those gauges like a tach on the side pod of middle one?

(Dominic Salvato) #9