Italian motors x125wc....information wanted

Price on x125wc is pretty attractive anyone done racing or comparison with x30?

This engine is not raced anywhere and it is advertised as a club-racing engine. I honestly won’t go with it because I don’t see any advantages over the Rotax/X30

It’s raced in PNW area (Italian motor’s domain). I’m sure someone from that region will chime in.

It is a lot cheaper than x30 could be good club motor assuming performance is on same level.

If your track goes by TAGUSA rules then by all means, do what’s best for you. The people at Italian Motors are very helpful and would give you any insight to reliability. Now I’m sure they would push heavily the pros of the engine. If they come back and say rebuild every 8-10 hours on the topend and every 20 on the bottom end then you’re in the same ball park as an x30 with the ball bearing bottom end.

Compare the powerband of an X30 to the 125WC.

How much would it cost to rebuild it. Looking on their site a piston kit is $140. You can find IAME pistons half that price, but even if you paid retail they are only $118.

The x30 crank god forbid if you needed one is just over $1100.
X125 crank is $816.

Cheaper initial investment
TAGUSA legal
Similar exhaust and ignition setup as X30

Not a ton of information doing a quick search.
Parts availability- is IM the only place to get parts?
Rebuilds could be a little more costly on the top end
Could be hard to resell vs selling an x30.

IAME has such a stranglehold on at regional and national levels that it trickles to the local level. IAME makes a great product, but lets be real, any of these engine brands could buy their way into a pro tour/circuit and everyone would flock to that engine. If SKUSA came out and said hey for 2023 we are phasing out the X30 for the Rotax EVO then you would see a massive uptick in Rotax sales obviously.

Like I stated, do what’s best for you and your racing program. If you feel a x125wc is worth it at that price point. Some people may laugh but even the PRD Galaxy is very reasonably priced.

I’d like to know the comparison myself, as I’m a big supporter of club style racers. For me I don’t care about what SKUSA or USPKS is doing engine wise. That doesn’t apply directly to me or really the club guys I race with as my regional and national racing days are over.

@tankyx you stated you don’t see any advantages over the Rotax/X30. What are the disadvantages in your opinion?

Both engines are used everywhere, the rotax is super reliable and the X30 is raced almost everywhere. Also they’ve been used for many many years now so you have a knowledgeable community around

I’m still learning karting so my experience is limited. My setup is a '20 Italkart Laguna w/X124T and I run directly against X30 and Rotax powered karts at our club.

I will say, the X125T has proven to be a weapon in the hands of a skilled pilot. Our last TaG race the top 4 positions each had a different motor package. I believe once the “dust” settled it was something like this… P1 = X125T, P2 = Evo Rotax, P3 = X30, P4 = Leopard (I think). All running master weight in the rain.

The easiest way to find out what motor package you want to run is to look at where you want to go with karting.

  1. Do you want to run FIA events?
    then your choice is whatever FIA/sealed motor package the club lets you run.

  2. Within your club are you allowed to service your own motor?
    then the X125 is a great contender because you can do it at home with very few special tools.

In regards to the X125T (MX) vs WC…

The upside of the MX… internal water pump which means no belts to worry about, and it’s a very clean install. You could easily swap between the 24mm & 27mm carb in a matter of minutes… The downside; the MX runs C12 and it’s THIRSTY…

Upside of the WC… (I believe) can run high octane pump. Downside; slightly lower hp, external WP, and limited to the 27mm carb.

Comparing the X30 vs X125WC

They’re eerily similar in most respects… power, power-band, service interval… and if my suspicions are correct; I believe there’s quite a few parts that would interchange between the two…

Comparing Rotax vs WC

WC has the hp, Rotax has the service interval.

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