Italkart Laguna Black, Why are my Tie Rods and Trim Pieces Black instead of Gold?

Hi there,
So about 5 Months ago i bought a used Italkart Laguna Black, but i just realized that all the parts that are supposed to be painted gold are black, i realized this when looking at official pictures from Italkart. Im just curious as to wether that indicates performance of the part of it is just a different color. I also looked at the Laguna Red, the slightly less performant model of this chassis and those trim pieces are painted black.
I will try to include an image of my kart soon!

No performance difference whatsoever. Could have been swapped if the original parts were damaged, or perhaps this particular one had the black ones installed from the factory.

Ok, thank you! I was just curious as to whether it would make a difference or not.

I had a black. And I slowly went through and changed all my stuff to black. Don’t like the gold