Jake designs

Does anyone know if jake designs is still up and running I’ve emailed them twice and still haven’t recieved anything back ,wanting to get some graphics made for my birel art

i dont know to be honest but if they dont work look up kart david.

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From what I understand Jake Design’s is still up nd running, but he is BUSY responding to orders in Europe let alone in the U.S.

Hell of a business to get into if you can. Definately a serious demand out there. I know the vinyl Jake uses is pretty heavy duty and stands up to alot, probably why he is so popular cause its worth the wait.

Try to find the Oracal 651 outdoor vinyl if you can, that is the good stuff (according to my wife who cuts stickers just on a smaller scale)

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They actually just got back to me lol this morning ,getting replica Birel stickers done but wanted the red are done in a chrome red ,stand out abit from the other 400 birel art shifters in my area lol

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I’ve used kart david before when I was running intrepid ,the quality of sticker used was awesome but the colours looked nothing like the photo so wasn’t to pleased

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oh ok, i didn’t know that i haven’t worked with them before.

I use replica kosmic stickers from Jake Design. They look awesome

Ordered my decals through him, not as bad as I thought price wise . . .