Jared Burchette Dedicates Kart Race Victory to Chris Koll

Came across this today, pretty cool tribute from Jared to his friend who succumbed to leukemia.


Not super stoked about this though…

The karts, which cost $25,000 on average, hit speeds of 125 miles-per-hour, with drivers sitting ¾-inch off the road surface. Typically, karts will go through three sets of tires during the course of a race.

“It’s the real deal,” said Burchette’s father, Greg, a Hillsborough Township committeeman and president of the Hillsborough Rotary.

Way to inflate the perceived purchase cost and put people off the sport. If anyone paid $25k for a TaG, they are owed a lot of money. If they can get it to go above 103mph with CIK bodywork, I want their motor :joy:

Maybe they meant it takes 25k a season and the reporter just misunderstood. But I am interested in you could get an x30 going 125.

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I considered that too. Nonetheless not a great thing to read out of the gate.

Reminds me of not too long ago, when some people actually believed that exploitative, sensationalist, basic cable reality show “Kart Life”, could potentially be good PR for the sport somehow.

The very first lines in the very first episode is some kart dad telling the audience how he spends over $200,000 a year on his kid’s karting program.

All of those optimists’ hopes for good publicity and representation for karting, blown to bits, and they did not even get 15 seconds into the first show. It was kind of amusing in a sad way.

And that pile of garbage just continued downhill from that point onward.

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My article’s making the rounds through the community and I can’t seem to retain the credit for writing it. That’s mildly annoying. But it was a really cool dedication he did there at Englishtown, so I just had to make it the headline (Even though that photo is from Pocono?).

Note: After “…69 points over Burcroff”, that is the end of my penmanship. I definitely did not write that bit about costing $25K to run a kart :rofl:

EDIT: This actually isn’t my article, but it’s basically been reworded, which is really agitating. Sigh.

EDIT 2: Contacted the editor, who rewrote bits of the article to make it less “plagiarized.”

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That’s a bummer. Link up your article :slight_smile:


EKN also neglected to credit me as the author, but that’s another story

I came across and watched a few episodes of this prior to getting into karting. My wife sat down with me to watch the first episode about 10 minutes after i gave her a AUD $20k up-front setup budget.

I had a few raised eyebrows aimed my direction before the intro finished :joy::joy::joy:

P.S Some judicious buying has my rookie year setup at sub $10k and racing. It could be done cheaper still, so not expensive in my situation. New karts for 4 will rock that budget though.