Jecko (big) seat sizing D5/D7

I’m a tall driver, I use a Tillet t9.5 size XL (size L almost works, but hip bones are squeezed to much so I had to go one size up and pad other areas).

I wanted to try the Jecko, but can’t find them nearby to test fit them and customer service was no help…so I’ll try here…do you know what’s the equivalent size to a Tillet L or XL for a Jecko? From the website, it looks like XL can either be D5 or D7, but measurements are taken in different spots, so I was wondering if anybody had some first-hand info

I have a D5 currently, its pretty comfy. However, when i get my rib protector i don’t think its going to fit anymore, so I think I’ll have to trade it in for a D7 which is mostly just wider at the chest area.

The B area on a Tillet is the A area on Jecko, behind the actual A measurement, it does flare out a bit more on each side, so once in the seat, your do have more rib space than listed. I can measure my D5 tonight if you need more information.

But it appears that if you fit into the t9.5, then no Jecko will be big enough for you.

Thanks for the input! I assume you normally run a large on other brands correct?

only brand I’ve run, so i can’t help there. I got lucky and the guy i bought my kart from was about the same size

thanks! I’ll stick with good old Tillett then, until I can try one in person as I may be on the edge between D7/E1 but it all comes down to shape around hip area…that was super helpful!

I find the shape and size of the Jecko in the hip area to be smaller than advertised, as well as smaller than the equivalent size in other brands.