Jecko seat size HELPPPP

Im currently using a tillet t11 vg large and can almost squeeze into my dads t11vg Medium Large. Meaning i fit everywhere but super tight in the hips. I need to order a jecko seat but have nowhere near me that has one to try first. Any clue what size i may be? I have a kr2 chassis that came with too small of a jecko seat in case anyone was wondering why i want a jecko seat.

Just measure your old seat and compare. But size C3 or C5 would be the most similar in terms of measurement


I have found the Jecko measurements to be wildly different from what their chart says. In my case I use a ML Tillett or size 32 Greyhound, and I found the Jecko C7 fit me the best. The lower hip area of the Jecko seat is more rounded compared to other manufacturers, making for a tight fit in the hips/ass.

If you require a large Tillett then I would guess you’ll need a D3 or D5.

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I also used greyhound 32, otk size 3. And I use a c7 jecko. But I might try a d5. As I have also found there to be some variance in the seats.

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The D’s are a decent bit taller than the Cs so keep that in mind. I got talked into buying a D5 instead of a C7 by a shop and after I got it bolted in the kart discovered that the top of the seat was jammed into my armpits and I wasn’t actually sitting in the seat.

That’s the number one complaint I hear of jecko. However at 6’1 I prefer a taller seat. As the rest are quite low on me.

The D would work well for you then. I’m 5’5” so it’s a bit more critical for me. I finally figured out that the seat I need is an IMAF 1+

I run a c7 currently. With no issues. But have been kicking around the idea of trying a D

I’m 6’ and really prefer the higher back of seats that are similar to the D sizes. The C7 Jecko was too low cut for my liking, but was manageable in X30. I would break in half if I used that seat in shifters.

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Thats good feedback. Now you have me wanting to try the D series.

Good point. How tall are you

5’7", 155-158 lbs, 40" chest, 31" waist, and 30" inseam. The C5 fit me fine.

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6’1, 175 lbs. 31” waist I normally rock a c7. But it’s snug.

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5’5”, 170lbs, 31” waist, 28” inseam.

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Im leaning d5. I have a 33 34 inch waste . Who carries jecko in the usa? Mondo has them for 211 euros or 230 us

With that measurement I would say you’re in d5/d7 territory.

I buy mine from kart sport North America. They have free shipping and no tax.

Mondo will kill you on shipping

With any seat I would highly recommend physically test-fitting the seat before purchasing. There’s usually a variance based on the seat being top or bottom “of the stack”, plus any aforementioned nuances by brand.

Here in greece they cost 160 euros new .
Maybe worth it to ask them . Iv put their site here

The one watch out would be the 34-degree back. For some purposes it may be too reclined if you were to mount with the flat bottom surface parallel to the frame rails.

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