Jecko seats

Hi guys, new on here.

I am considering getting one of those modular Jecko seats. Does anyone have any experience with them? Senior application.


One of our drivers has been using one all year. From his experience, he says it doesn’t really make the kart feel any different than a standard Tillett or OTK seat, but he said it is more comfortable with the higher sides around your thighs. He feels like he’s held in the seat more.

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Ok cool thanks for the feedback TJ!

Can you touch on seat placement and weight balance front to rear a bit? I’ve been through some other posts but a lot of them get side tracked off the initial questions.

I race on a really low grip, loose (very pebbly), abbrasive, temporary layout track (zero possibly of rubber laying), it’s also pretty bumpy in sections. I am gonna purchase a Birel ry30-s5 chassis and the engine is rotax senior. Birel says mount the seat a little under the chassis rails but my current seat and the way I intend to mount the Jecko in the new chassis is to mount it parallel with the frame rails. Is this ok for my application or should I follow Birel to the T. I am 5ft 8in btw and weight 150lbs.

In terms of the front rear split, I know the ball park figures are 42/58 but would u guys recommend something different for the application/conditions I outlined?


If I were running on a surface like that, I would be looking to keep the seat higher to get proper weight transfer since the natural grip forces from the track surface aren’t there. You’ll probably be looking at an overall setup between a neutral dry setup and a wet setup.

I would start the seat where the factory recommends front-to-back, but keep it a little higher than recommended. From there you can test and see how it feels and adjust it front-to-back if necessary.

Hey TJ yes I will be putting it where Birel says front to back and mounting it higher up but I also need to add lead to come to class weight which means I’d have to set a front to rear ratio. So you’re suggesting start off on standard but what would u consider standard front rear split for a senior ?

We are roughly the same size, and I always shoot for around 42% front on a standard 30mm OTK chassis.

I’m only 135lbs, so I have about 50 pounds on the kart to make weight. About 25 of that is on the back of the seat, 15 on the bottom front tabs of the seat and under the crotch, and 10 on each side of the seat.

Ok cool got ya, I’ll aim for 42 then.

Would you mount a jecko any different than a regular seat? Are the measurements from the chassis manufacturer like the below still valid ? Wondering if different seat back lengths change these or if I’m over thinking it.

I would assume measurements would be different as the dimensions of the seat would be different.

Maybe start at factory settings and adjust as needed for weight balance and comfort.

We typically mount the seats based off the distance from the rear axle. Use that measurement from your chart and you should be good.


Nearly all seats will use the same position based on dimension “C” in the file you linked to. You’ll want to ensure that you measure perpendicular from the back of the seat to the leading edge of the axle, as shown in the graphic.

Those measurements seem like a good starting point.