Jet Powered Go Kart

Too much fun. Would be nice to see more projects like this at tracks vs parking lots though. Those kerbs come up fast.

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That makes a relaxing noise.

I could see tracks being very hesitant to allow something like this because of the potential liability.

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Why? It’s not that fast.

You could put it down to “fear of the unknown”. Things like if it flips upside down with the power on full it’s going to keep going until it hits something solid.

Depends on the track owner really. I’d allow it as long as I understood what needs to be thought of from a safety standpoint… emergency engine shutdown… fire potential from jet blast.

It would have to run on it’s own as well of course.

True. But then this is why people do things on the street or wherever instead of at a track. When they try and do the right thing and “take it to the track” but get turned away thanks to legal crap being forced on a track or group via insurance - where else are you going to go to run what you brung?

I’ve seen this over and over - good venues or club racing being forced to so neuter their programs that they die from lack of interest. I used to run my sports car with the Z club here. At the Sheriff department training track we could run 3 cars at a time for about 7 minutes, pointing each other by if quicker. Never had any accidents or issues. Then the insurance people finally looked into it and demanded that they not allow anyone to go more than 50 MPH, requiring a lot of chicanes and making it no fun. It didn’t last long after that. So now all these folks who want to try out their mods or gain a little skill beyond autocross do it on the street instead.

I plan to test my kart on the street to start with to get any bugs out. The neighborhood people will probably be glad it is now silent compared to the 2-stroke. :slight_smile:

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I feel like the difference between a jet engine and an unclassified ice or electric motor is a pretty clearly delineated.

When I first got my KZ I ran it on the street. I would not recommend
The quality of the asphalt compared to race track surface is not ideal.

Actually I’d say our local streets are smoother overall, which isn’t saying much. I’m not sure how I’d handle a nice track, the kart setup would be so much different compared to the rough aggregate I’m used to.

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