Job Opportunity: Karting Coach & Mechanic Wanted! 🏁

Hey there, fellow speed enthusiasts!

Are you a karting whiz with an interest on teaching and tinkering with karts? Do you live outside of the Lone Star State? Well, you might be just the person we’re looking for!

We’re a new family rookie karting team based in Texas, and we’re on the hunt for a dedicated coach who can help us up our game both on and off the track. Our team consists of four inexperienced drivers, each with a background in powerboat and jet ski racing.

One KA100 Masters
Two KA Seniors
One Kidkart (5-year-old boy)

We’ll be hitting the karting circuits across Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, so if you’re ready to embark on an exciting adventure with us, here’s what we’re offering:

:airplane: Air Travel: We’ve got your flights covered.
:red_car: Rental Car: You’ll have wheels to get around.
:hotel: Hotel Accommodation: Comfortable lodgings for your stay.
:moneybag: Plus, Your Fee: You’ll be well compensated for your expertise.

If you’re as passionate about karting as we are and have the skills to mentor, coach, and tinker with the kart, we want to hear from you. Whether you’re the ideal candidate for the job or you know someone who fits the bill, reach out to us today. Let’s chat about joining our karting family and helping us rev up our racing skills!

Shoot us a message if you’re interested or if you know someone who’s got what it takes to keep our team on the right track!

Don’t let this opportunity zoom past you – let’s make this karting journey unforgettable together.

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This sounds like fun. What’s the racing like? Sprint through gates or hauling butt in a line?

Would you be down for someone who live outside of the usa? Im down.

It’s a long way from Jakarta tho!

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It was a lot of fun!
We raced “closed course” with left and right turns (Jet skis).
For the boats it was an oval course sort of like NASCAR, or river marathons like the Baja 1000 on water type of thing.

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Yes. We would consider it. Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, etc.

I’d be open to that. I’m not an expert kart tuner by any means. But I have a decent bit of experience with driver coaching.

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I’ll toot your horn… he (Andre) just completed a pro season of formula ford in the UK, closing out the season with a couple podiums and a victory in final race of season. Andre was also one of the fast kids/young adults when I raced two stroke. He battled up front with Chloe and Justin White, both of whom are current pro racers as well.

He is “pro” and I use his hot feet to my benefit as a member of my race team.

He’s very solid, reliable, intelligent and very mature. His decision to go pro was not an easy one. He’s the kind of guy I wouldn’t hesitate to hire: he’s hungry, smart and really has his head screwed on. Also, he’s clean as whistle, a real racer and super fit.


It is. Hahahah just trying my luck.

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Thank you, Dom.
I did some research online and I can tell that he is everything you said. I appreciate the recommendation!

Hey Dom!
I’ve been in touch with Andre and we are sorting his schedule. I am quite impressed by him. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Cool! He’s a fine young man. :heart_eyes:

Hol up. Im gonna need another hot shoe! :face_holding_back_tears:

Charles, what is the main series you plan on running Texas Sprint?

If it’s not to conflicting with the Rotax West series I might be available. Hate to admit it, but I’m probably a better engineer/data guy than a driver depending on the day :laughing: I’m in the Phoenix area so it’s a short trip and I’ll be out that way anyway this year to practice at AKC.

Look up William Maddox or Shawn Lide in Houston. They’re both former Texas A&M suspension setup leads. They’ll whip your testing program right into shape. You’ll want to offer them seat time, cutting a check to pay senior engineers won’t be fun.

Hello, Clayton! It looks like some of the dates conflict. Check them out.

February 23-25: New Orleans, LA

March 22-24: Houston, TX

May 3-5: Dallas, TX

Aug 23-25: Dallas, TX

Sep 20-24: Amarillo, TX

Thanks, Charles. I appreciate it.

Yeah, those first couple are 1 for 1. Well if you’re still needing a helping hand outside of those I’m more than happy to help.

Thank you, Clayton! I appreciate it.
BTW, I’ll be reaching out to you for some helmet design work.

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