Joining a team, switch chassis brands?

Hi all. I currently have a kart I that I have used for a long time and I am looking to join a team in my area that is competitive but uses a different brand. They will allow me to use my kart but of coarse if something is damaged they can’t get me parts.

I am wondering when I should invest in a kart brand they use or if I should stay with mine.

I am looking to do USPKS and I could technically just get parts from the distributor as they will be there but my plan is to practice with them at my home track and nationally.

What are y’all’s thoughts? Thanks!

Switch. Be on the same equipment, helps with spares, as well as tuning suggestions.


Switch. The way I look at it if you want them to be 100% committed in you and your success you need to be 100% invested.

Agree, switch. The whole point of being within a team is to be able to share ideas and setup theories. If you’re on a different chassis that will be tougher.

What kart are you going from and going to?

I will go from CRG to OTK

Agree with the switch. As stated, it’s easier to get setup help if multiple people are on the same chassis. OTK is a popular brand, so parts should be easy to come by. I’m not familiar with CRG as they don’t seem to have a presence in the Midwest.