Josef @ New Castle Motorsports Park

Just for fun… and rain practice. Good for a karting promo video.

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Any track day is a good one. He is a famous racer?

He’s the defending IndyCar champion and 2017 IndyCar champion.

Wow. I have seen a bit of Indy car and it seems possibly more exciting than f1 in some ways. Good for him! I love it when they race Los Angeles street course.

IndyCar is way more exciting than F1. They actually pass each other and there are several drivers that can win on any given day. By the way it isn’t Los Angeles, it’s Long Beach.

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Long Beach, that’s what I meant, thank you. It does seem like Indy is less divided into tiers like f1 and that the racing is a bit more dynamic. Good to see a Racecar driver saying nice things about karts!

Josef grew up racing karts at New Castle Motorsports Park. His talent was obvious from the very beginning.

Who builds the best Indycar chassis though? Well, there’s on one. What stakes are involved ? Dallara wins every race. At least with F1 you might see Ferrari beat Mercedes, or a RedBull come in. 3 diff chassis, 3 diff engines, 6 different drivers.

Alan, although I dislike the idea of spec this and spec that the fact remains that IndyCar puts on much more competitive racing than F1. Actually there’s no contest when it comes to the caliber of the racing. Plus there’s a much more varied types of tracks to master, road courses, street courses, short ovals and super speedways.

I like both equally. :man_shrugging:

They are both unique, but unless you are in the top 3 teams in F1 none of your drivers have won since 2012. Hopefully the budget caps will help that somewhat.

Circuits are better I’d deffo agree there, but the stakes are so much lower for me that it drains a lot of the excitement away. Each to their own.

Fan of both, been to both. F1 is much more exciting in person and I have been to more F1 races (10x) so it is not the allure or newness of it that sways me. They each have a place in the motorsports world. Nothing really beats the excitement of the Zanardi years. I really enjoyed that.

If they’re both on TV at the same time (hypothetically) - I would watch the start of the F1 race – and record the IndyCar race. But I would probably switch to the IndyCar race after the first 10 laps of the F1 race.

@Alan_Dove I get that the idea of a spec chassis/engine is kind of boring. That being said, if we didnt have engine classes, it would be a bit of a mess in our kart races.

KZ and OK aren’t a mess. It’s just that no one wants to race them any more :slight_smile: or with OK in the first place.