Jumping in the saddle

ZI am at the track 3 weekends a month with my kid, usually in some other part of the country. Our local track, Nicholson Speedway, just announced there will be Wed night practice if it least three people commit. Well, there is my son, a friend of mine, and now me, so we can go practice cheap every week and it won’t conflict with what we are doing with my son. So I bought a used F/A, and will mount a 206 on it. Been gathering up parts and equipment all week. Really looking forward to some Wed night racing to keep me in shape. We hope to get a half dozen of us there each week for some unofficial racing.

Is there such a thing as an extended front porch for an otk kart? This one is a 2013


Always nice to have a chance to practice during the week.

I’m pretty sure there is. @Ryon_Beachner deals with OTK and is a pretty knowledgeable guy.