Junior Track Width

Kart: Birel AM29
Engine: LO206 Black Slide
Category: Junior 2
Driver Weight: 130 lbs

We’re starting out in LO206 (Black slide) Junior 2 category and getting ready for our first race. I’m trying to just get a nuetral setup to start then we can adjust based on driver feedback. One thing that still escapes me is rear track width.

Everything online says start at 1400mm then work in, although that clearly doesn’t apply in this category. We run 6 inch wide rear tires and have a 1000mm rear axle. We can’t even get close to that width.

  1. What rear track width would be a nuetral starting point?

  2. With 6in rears is it common to cut the side nerf bars so the sides don’t stick out 1-2 inches beyond the rear tire?


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Not sure where you’re located, but in Ontario Canada, and Canadian nationals, the max rear track width is 1270mm for all Briggs except cadet
Standard axle length is 1000mm, and most cut down to 930mm ( not positive of this measurement)
Most say to run at or within 10mm of max.

It’s our first year as well and we’ve been trying to tune out a massive high speed over steer issue which most likely is caused by aged out tires and haven’t tried a fresh set yet so can’t really say where to set it.
It will really depend on your track conditions and driver skill.
I’d start with it fairly narrow at the front and wide at the back. The narrow front will reduce the steering inputs effects and the chassis ( new drivers tend to over work the steering wheel) and if the back end end wants to come around, bring the rears in 10mm at a time.