Just a taste from the last Pick patras race event

Its a beautiful race event for just one time per year. The course is in the center of town Patra and the spectators are much more than we used to see in other normal kart races here in Greece.

Its something like a festival but with kart racing all day long.

They also had an electric kart category at that last series of race . I’m including at the videos.
Pick patras has something special don’t know how to discribe it , but I think it’s worth sharing with us in here.


Is there an official website with dates and rules? Needles to say, looks awesome, I wish there were more of these races, that’s how you draw interest

Wow! Great photos! Looks awesome.

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Yes off course Andy,

Here is the Facebook connection they have.


And the official site for the event is that below


I have found the pages with the specs and the rules for the categories but it’s in Greek language. I am sure that if you contact the official site you will find the info you need .

I have seen other fellow racers from Europe that they rent kart and race tent and mechanic throw some racing teams here like. Prt motorsport and do the race through them . But also have seen some privateers that they take place on the grid with no official team support.

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Something like a small Monaco Dom!!


With spanakopita and babaganoush! Racing is always better with good food.


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