Just before buying a Pcr kart

Good evening , Im just before buying a 2013 pcr chassis with rotax max engine on it . It’s my first race kart . I was racing motorcycles for some years and after spending some time with rental karts I’m feeling it’s time to dig more into the sport .
My question about pcr is that I can’t find any chassis basic set up manual on the Internet .I have ask the factory at Australia but been told that they don’t have any manuals left for this model . Anyone knows how can I find some information about that chassis ?
Thanks a lot in advance .
Greetings from greece . Stamatis

Unfortunately I don’t know anything about that kart but my wife is Greek and we go to Greece every year but I’ve never seen a Kart track? She is from Crete so we don’t get to the mainland much.

Well goodmorning there rick !
We got plenty of race tracks here in Greece . One of them is 20 minutes from the airport so next time you visit , pass by for some coffee and some seat -practice time there !

Oooh add it to the database of tracks…

20 minutes from the airport in Athens? I will be next summer, hopefully I can get to the track!

Yes Greece is a beautiful place and the islands are magnificent! Rick Brown, I am surprised, I was stationed at Hellenikon AB, and lived in Ana Vulu. I did not see them and I was not looking for them in Greece. I did however got a small taste of Kart racing in Italy and Germany.

Thanks a lot for your replies , I guess this is the best welcome to the forum . Better than I was hopping for . Thanks again .
So I see some interest for the race tracks here in Greece . If you want I can sent you the sites from the best ones and from the ones I’m doing practice in them . I’m left athens 10 years now I’m living in an island called evia . But some weekends every month we do the trip and burn some rubber in the tracks .
Good morning !
Pcr kart chassis setup ???

I would love to return to Greece :greece: one day.:sparkles::dove::revolving_hearts:

What chassis model is it?

I don’t have setup specifics, but I can say they are a very reputable chassis having won the CIK world championships at least once

They are an Italian brand. Although they are far from alone, it is frustrating that they don’t seem to have an easily findable guide for baselines. It’s a little ridiculous for a product that costs anything from $3000-6000 new.

You could try this PCR dealer stateside… see if they have anything: http://www.checkeredmotorsports.com/

Many thanks for your reply , James . Well I don’t have the kart in my garage till now coz I’m trying to make a good deal and some search before that . It’s a deal about 2 pcr chassis one with disk brakes in front the other without front brakes .
But for me reading about setups it’s a joy and I’m afraid that pcr karts don’t have a lot of help at that . Still I believe they are good chassis .
Thanks alot for the help , I will try the adress you gave me and ask them for the service book .

Just reply to say . I have contact the dealer of the PCR karts stateside and they are very professional and very helpful . They told me that there is no service or set up manual for that karts but they will do everything to help their chassis to work well .
So now we know .
Good night .

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