Just bought a NOS Parolin chassis, how good are they?

Well I might sound like a total idiot for this, but i bought my son a NOS chassis basically sight unseen, its a First Kart, and when i got home and had a look, the chassis tag is Parolin, so I assume Parolin rebadged for First at some point.

Anyway, the kart looks sweet, should be a good chassis for the little guy, I just know nothing about them. How do they compare to Birel, Intrepid, TonyKart etc?

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Jim welcome and great name. Parolin are as good as any. You’re good to go!

Parolin is 1 of the foundry factories. I have an Energy Eclipse (Parolin mfg), & it’s quality built.

Parts can be had from Jim Russell Karting, or at parolinstore.com directly from the factory.

Parolin are competing with the best at European and World Championship level. It’s fine. You’ve bought it now so… you aint got no choice but to make it work. :slight_smile:

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Good to hear, I assumed it would be a good chassis, certainly better than the old tired Birel he started last year with, I know several local guys that have done well with the First Karts. I just need to get his engine back together after honing it, and pickup an engine mount, and get the little man on track.

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